Law firm Sirje Must

Criminal Law

We defend clients in all criminal and misdemeanor cases and represent victims in criminal cases. We have extensive experience in cases involving crimes against persons and white-collar crimes.

In defending clients, we utilize all legal means and methods not in conflict with law and professional ethics. We emphasize that our task is to defend the individual, not justify the crime. When representing a victim, we assist in drafting a civil claim.

The exercise of defense rights does not begin in the courtroom; the individual's rights must be protected during the preliminary investigation. If you are presented with a suspicion and a summons to the investigator, we recommend contacting a lawyer before attending the interrogation.

For more complex transactions, we suggest consulting a lawyer during the preparation phase to get an initial assessment of any potential criminal aspects of the transaction.

In court proceedings, we defend clients to the final resolution, including proceedings up to the Supreme Court. It is not uncommon for our client's rights to be achieved through the establishment of precedents in the highest court. If necessary, we take disputes to the European Court of Human Rights.

Criminal law is handled by: Sirje Must, Andres Veski, Anne Vissak, Eve Laine, Marika Suurpere.