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About us

Law Firm Sirje Must originated from the former Tartu legal advisory service and has been operating under the name Sirje Must since 1995. The firm is located on the first floor of the water tower building next to Vanemuise Park in Tartu. Today, we have grown to become one of the largest law firms in Southern Estonia.

Law Firm Sirje Must is a classic law firm primarily comprised of trial lawyers. The firm has been a stepping stone for several colleagues who currently serve as judges, diplomats, and advisors in the Supreme Court and the Ministry of Justice. Unlike other law firms, Law Firm Sirje Must is not just a group of lawyers but a team you are likely to encounter in the courtroom.

We focus on criminal and civil dispute resolution, with less emphasis on administrative court proceedings. Our lawyers are recognized defenders in criminal law and tax crime cases and respected representatives in family law disputes. Our clients are primarily individuals, except in civil law disputes where our clientele is more diverse. We advise both businesses and local government units.